How You Can Make Massive Profits from the Dental Market Disruption

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What Stan Can Do For You

To date, Stan has been directly involved in over $200 million in dental practice purchase transactions. And, indirectly involved in well over $200 million more in practice acquisition transactions.

He has personally analyzed, consulted with and helped optimize over 100 practices.

Today, Stan has a direct pipeline to unlimited purchasing power – and the ability to structure favorable purchase agreements and employment contracts for doctors who want to take a HUGE chunk of cash out of their practice, and retain some equity and the ability to earn chairside.

Stan can help you get MAXIMUM net cash from the sale of your dental practice and identify the buyers who will pay the most for your valuable business.

He connect you with Dentists who want to grow their dental practice empire quickly by teaming up with partners who have business expertise and know-how to make it happen

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Stan’s Expert Service?

  • Dental practice owners who are interested in working with a DSO (Dental Service Organization) in some way or form.

  • Dentists whose practice earn $1 million or more.

  • Owners who have large offices or multi-site facilities or would like to grow their practice.

  • Owners who want to know how much their dental practice is REALLY worth.

Who is NOT a Good Candidate for Stan’s Expert Service:

  • Dental practice owners who are not interested in exploring the idea of working with a DSO (Dental Service Organization)

  • Small solo practice owners who generate less than $1 million in revenue

  • Anyone who is not at least curious what a potential sale could look like to the right buyer

With deep experience on both the operational side of a dental practice, and the mergers and acquisition side of a DSO, Stan can give you information and insight few others can.

Such as;

1. What DSOs want and what they will pay top dollar for – knowing this may get you an offer several million dollars higher than you would receive otherwise.

2. How to negotiate the best deal – this could make the difference between you getting a ‘good’ offer – and a GREAT offer.

3. How to avoid the pitfalls – and there are pitfalls to avoid!

4. How to structure employment agreements that give you what you want after the sale – so you remain happy with your decision and can earn as much as you want chairside.

5. How to match a potential DSO buyer with your most desired outcome. Some DSOs are ridged, with no flexibility after a sale. Others offer a LOT of flexibility.

6. How to PRE QUALIFY your practice for the BEST potential buyer – so no time is wasted and you get a compelling offer with terms and conditions you like. And;

7. How to get the BEST price and a FAIR outcome you are happy with – so you feel GOOD about everything, and are excited about working chairside and leaving administration, management and marketing problems to others

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About: Stan Kinder
Stan Kinder is a consultant for dental practice owners who want to have maximum impact and profitability in their field. If you own a dental practice that earns $1 million or more in revenue and are looking to grow by leaps and bounds, you owe it to yourself to schedule a confidential phone call and speak with Stan as soon as possible. You’ll walk away with insights that will apply specifically to you and your circumstances.