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Stan Kinder has my highest possible recommendation.  He is a man of integrity. He’s a straight shooter.   He tells you like it is.  He gets things done fast.   And, if you speak with him, you’ll be glad you did, whether you decide to partner with a DSO or not.” 

- M. H. DDS

Besides getting top dollar and a high seven-figure cash payment for partnering with the DSO Stan introduced me to, I retained equity. I work chairside doing the dentistry I love.  I earn mid six-figures a year.  I have no management responsibility, far less stress, and money in the bank. 

My life is better in every way.  Thank you Stan Kinder!”

- R. W. DDS

Working with Stan is a breath of fresh air and a massive value add in our partnership efforts. Stan is able to seamlessly collaborate between both sides of the partnership coin, often serving as a ‘translator’ for challenging concepts or potential misalignment. Stan helps the ‘Seller’ evaluate the options available and doing so through real education and years of experience. Stan understands ‘what matters’ to the ‘Seller’ and helps distill complex ideas into simple concepts. Too often partnerships are impeded by a ‘black box’ of information that creates lack of trust and an uneasiness in the partnership process. Stan provides ‘Sellers’ with a key to unlocking more clarity while in parallel collaborating with my team, the future investor, to offer coaching on how to best meet the Seller’s needs.  Great to have Stan as a real partner to help identify and build new partnerships in our industry.

- Zach, Head of Partnerships at 100% Healthcare Focused Private Equity Fund

“As a practicing dentist, I have been in the dental industry for almost 20 years. From my first startup, through to selling my group and working in partnership with a large DSO, I have had the privilege of working with some incredible talent and many of the industry’s best minds. Luckily for me, I had the good fortune to meet and work with Stan Kinder who is, above all else, a man of integrity and honesty. Stan’s experience and industry know-how are second to none that I have ever worked with, but what sets him apart, is his ability to connect with people and work ethic. My family and I will be forever be in debt to Stan, AND that is a unique accolade for someone with whom my only professional dealings have been from across the table. Needless to say, I have and will continue to refer friends and colleagues to Stan, he is without question someone you want on your team.”

Dr. Scott Dudley, general practitioner with 2 location practice in suburban location with greater than $5 million in top line revenue

“I met Stan Kinder 5 years ago during the sale of my general dental practice to a DSO. Our initial conversations were solely business related, but I grew to appreciate our interactions and conversation. Stan could not have been more professional in an educated but sincere fashion. As the process moved on, Stan was there to help guide the ship. Although he was the buyer’s representative, he was incredibly fastidious as well as expeditious with the details of the transaction. He was also a key ingredient while interfacing with my legal team to ensure the process went smoothly. I can honestly say that my deal was more than fair and that there were no midnight hour surprises. I fully thank Stan for his efficiency and knowledge in getting things to the finish line. As our dealings continued, I learned more about Stan. On occasion, we would meet to discuss dentistry and future DSO involvement. He is very knowledgeable in the dental industry after over 30 years in the business. His understanding of the day to day management of a dental practice is supported by a graduate education in business. But his most important asset is integrity! Stan is honest and supportive while performing a task which can at times be hazy- but he stays the course. Finally, I would be the first to refer a friend or colleague to Stan. I fully believe that his expertise in a rapidly expanding field is unsurpassed. His connection to the industry combined with his experience, lends to a fantastic combination for achieving success for what can be one of the largest transactions of your career.”

—Dr. Brad Freedman, general practitioner with a single site practice with 1 associate and approximately $2.4 million in topline revenue

“I would recommend Stan to anyone who wanted to sell a large practice. Stan brought me a buyer and shepherded me through the negotiations. His vast and unique knowledge of the dental industry allowed me to receive not only the price I wanted but also afforded me favorable terms. After the sale he stayed with the deal assuring that there were no hidden surprises. Over the course of the sale process, I found that Stan was familiar with most of the major buyers. Throughout he was timely and responsive, and I found I could absolutely rely on anything he told me. His experience with these types of transactions facilitated keeping the lawyers and accountants moving forward to successful completion. I would recommend his services without reservation.”

— Dr. Bernie Fink, general practitioner with 6 location practice in suburban lo- cations with 16 associate 
dentists and $16.5 million in top line revenue

“I never dreamed I would partner with a DSO, but I had a problem that needed solving, so on a colleague’s advice, I spoke with Stan Kinder. The problem was: after 32 years in practice, I didn’t have enough money to retire. My practice was profitable, but between payroll, expenses, a nice lifestyle, putting three kids through college without student loans, and taking several nice vacations a year, my retirement account was thin. So thin, retirement was out of the question. When I met Stan Kinder, I had no clue affiliating with a Dental Service Organization could be so lucrative. From signing a nondisclosure agreement with Stan, to receiving a nice seven-figure payment that gave me the freedom to retire whenever I want, the process took about six-months. Stan helped every step of the way. He did a complementary practice valuation to determine the kind of offer a good DSO may make. He found a DSO well paired for my kind of practice. He helped craft a proposal, and negotiate fine points and complete the transaction. And even better, his help didn’t cost me a dime, because the DSO paid his fee in full, separate and apart from my transaction. Today, years after the fact, I remain delighted with my decision. Affiliating with the right DSO partner makes all the difference. My retirement is secure. Professional management runs the business side of the practice. I work chair side with my main responsibility being to show up on time. And, none of this would have happened without Stan’s help. He’s a good man to know. My advice is, get to know him.”


“Working with Stan Kinder has been the best decision of my career. Besides getting top dollar and a high seven-figure cash payment for partnering with the DSO Stan introduced me to, I retained equity. I work chair side doing the dentistry I love. I earn mid six-figures a year. I have no management responsibility, far less stress, and money in the bank. My life is better in every way. Thank you Stan Kinder!” 


“With over 25 years in business and three practices that net mid-seven figures, I had no interest in the details of how to partner with a DSO. But things change. And, sometimes they change faster than you expect. In my case, that change could have wiped out the entire value of my life’s work.

One day, with no high risk factors and no warning, I had a heart attack. Fortunately, I survived. And, my associate doctors kept the practice running.

That heart attack was a wakeup call. If I had become disabled and couldn’t practice, or had died, the practice would have been sold for a tiny fraction of its worth, or simply dissolved.

Fortunately, I was back to work in about six weeks. But, the decision was made: I had to protect my equity, so if there was another event and I wasn’t so lucky, my family would be secure. About that time, a colleague introduced me to Stan Kinder.

Before the heart attack, I had no interest in details on how to affiliate with a DSO. But after the unexpected struck, and I realized my risk of losing every- thing was real, I was happy to speak with Stan.

Today, in hind sight, I say in all honesty, and with no sugar-coating, listening to Stan Kinder explain the advantages affiliating with a DSO may give you, was the best decisions of my professional career.

I did not know a DSO may pay several multiples of bottom line profit for a good practice. That valuation formula would net me millions more than I would have ever received in a doctor to doctor sale.

Having never considered partnering with a DSO, I did not know you could take a huge cash equity out of your practice, and still retain a percentage of ownership that may give you another multi-seven figure payday a few years down the road if the practice continues to grow.

Most important, I did not know that once I partnered with a DSO, besides transferring huge equity from my practice to my bank account, if I became disabled, with the DSO as the majority partner running the business side of everything, the practice would continue uninterrupted, the value of my retained equity was secure, and if I passed away, my heirs would inherit my retained value.

And finally, working chair side with no limit on my ability to earn and with no management responsibility, there would be less stress, no employee-marketing or affiliate doctor concerns, and an agreeable work situation, with me doing the dentistry I love, and others handling daily operations.

Once I understood the details, and realized the value of my equity would no longer be at risk, and not subject to my ability to practice, or at risk of economic downturns that would hurt any dental practice, I decided to go forward. Stan made the entire process seen easy.

He did a practice valuation. He matched likely DSO partners with my practice, and my vision of an ideal practice scenario going forward. He helped prepare a partnership proposal. He helped negotiate everything, including a post-partnership employment agreement. And, he stayed with the process from start to finish. The answer to any question that came up, was one phone call away.

Bottom line: I couldn’t be happier.

This would not have happened without Stan’s help.

Today, my equity is secure in my bank. My family is financially secure come what may. And, I have an agreeable practice situation I enjoy, with retained equity and the possibility of another seven-figure pay day a few years down the line.

Stan Kinder has my highest possible recommendation. He is a man of integrity. He’s a straight shooter. He tells you like it is. He gets things done fast. And, if you speak with him, you’ll be glad you did, whether you decide to partner with a DSO or not.”

— M. H. DDS



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Stan Kinder is a consultant for dental practice owners who want to have maximum impact and profitability in their field. If you own a dental practice that earns $1 million or more in revenue and are looking to grow by leaps and bounds, you owe it to yourself to schedule a confidential phone call and speak with Stan as soon as possible. You’ll walk away with insights that will apply specifically to you and your circumstances.