How You Can Make Massive Profits from the Dental Market Disruption

Grow Your Empire of Dentistry

Tired of the Grind?

If you want to be free of all the problems that come with running a dental practice: free of dealing with personnel problems, scheduling problems, management problems, marketing problems, affiliate doctor problems, office politics, and every other problem – we should talk.  

If you’d like nothing better than just earning a great living chaiside, and leaving the rest to others, but you wouldn’t consider a change like that unless you can bank a HUGE chunk of cash that secures your financial future, we should talk. 

If you are serious about discreetly looking into what a DSO may offer for your practice, you need an expert on your side, I guarantee you I can help.  If this describes your situation, we should talk.  A confidential conversation will get you the answers you need, and may open the door to getting you exactly what you want.    

Having expert guidance is critical because, WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW CAN - AND PROBABLY WILL - HURT YOU in a negotiation with a DSO. The fact is, DSOs are in business to make a profit.  And, while they are able and often willing to pay top dollar for a good practice, they are also willing to pay as little as the seller will accept. Bottom line, they know more than you.  

And, because of that, you are in a weak position to negotiate the best possible deal.  With a clear vision of what you want your life to be like after the sale, and with my guidance, which is yours ABSOLUTELY FREE, you will be in a STRONG position to negotiate. 

You will know;   

  • How the DSO approaches practice valuation. 
  • When and how to negotiate price.  
  • How your Employment Agreement affects the economics of the deal. 
  • If and how the DSO provides an equity opportunity in either the DSO holding company, your practice, or both – and how much equity should you retain.  
  • How that equity should be valued, and HOW and WHEN you may access it. 
  • What to expect in terms of tax consequences… and much more.  
  • The more you know, the better you can negotiate from a position of strength. 

I’ll help you negotiate every point to achieve the best possible results in areas such as cashat-close, equity options, and an employment contract.

It’s just plain smart to have expert help to navigate your way to the best possible outcome.  As a veteran of dozens of transactions between dental practices and DSO’s with several different companies I can bring that expert knowledge and experience to bear on your behalf. 

If you are serious about looking into this, I will, at no cost or obligation and with COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY; 

  1. Determine the value of your practice, 
  2. Discuss your goals, 
  3. Structure the kind of offer you would like to receive, 
  4. Match DSO buyers with your desired terms, 
  5. Help you present the offer, 
  6. Negotiate price and an employment agreement, 
  7. Navigate pitfalls… and more. 

How can I do all this for you absolutely free?  

Simple.  If I can structure an offer that gets you everything you want, at a price you like, and find a DSO buyer who wants your kind of practice – the BUYER will pay me a fee separate and apart from your transaction – which means my services to you are absolutely free. 

You have NO risk, charge or obligation of any sort in contacting me.  I’m in this for the long haul.  I am happy to spend time with you and answer all your questions.  

If it turns into a deal, great.  If not, at the very least you will know far more about your options that you know now… and you will know who to call if and when the time is right. 


Not Ready to Sell But Curious?

A friendly, confidential conversation with me is an easy NO COST way to find out how life may look post-sale.  You may be surprised at how much flexibility you have after selling to a DSO.  

DSO buyers WANT you to stay involved. 

They want you to see patients and earn chairside.  

In other words, they want you to DO THE DENTISTRY, while they manage the business side of the practice and keep the chairs filled.   

The fact is, life can be very exciting post sale.  

For example… 

A doctor I helped in a mid-Atlantic state loved his general practice.  And, also loves building high-end 5000+ square foot custom homes.  

He wanted cash, equity, no management responsibility, and an employment agreement that gave him the ability to earn unlimited income chairside.     

We structured a deal that put $3.2mm cash in his pocket with 20% retained equity in the practice – which, under DSO management, is growing by leaps and bounds. 

With the DSO commitment to grow every practice they associate with, and a lucrative employment agreement the doctor was delighted to accept, this doctor’s chairside income has grown to over $400,000 a year. 

Another example…

An oral surgery practice with two doctors, one associate and two offices:  The owner doctors loved doing oral surgery - and hated managing the practice.  

We structured a deal that put $4 million cash in their pocket.  And, structured a very lucrative employment agreement that currently nets one of those doctors over $600,000 a year in chairside income – with NO management responsibilities, no employee concerns, and no marketing worries.  They couldn’t be happier!

Post-sale for these doctors, (according to them), is like a DREAM COME TRUE – they do the dentistry, and go home with no concerns about anything other than showing up on time to treat a full slate of patients scheduled for the next day. 

If that’s the kind of life you want… 

…If you like the idea of receiving a huge cash payment, and being able to earn all you want chairside – with no holes in the schedule and no management worries, we should talk.  I have personally structured DOZENS of post-sale employment agreements that doctors with every kind of practice from general dentistry to elite specialty practices were delighted with.  

And by the way… 

…The ‘face’ of your elite practice may not change at all as far as the public is concerned.  

The fact is… 

Dental Service Organizations have ‘come of age’.  

Many practices managed by a DSO are indistinguishable from the elite private-practice they were BEFORE the doctor decided to take a huge cash windfall, retain equity, earn chairside, and leave running the business side of the practice to others.  

I am happy to discuss this with you in detail and answer all your questions.    

Schedule your free Practice Appraisal call ($2743 value) with Stan today



The DSO phenomenon is not permanent.  It won’t last forever.

The DSO phenomenon is not permanent.  It won’t last forever.  And, while DSOs are paying historically HIGH prices for good practices now, an economic downturn would hurt EVERY practice, and put the DSO buying frenzy on hold for no telling how long.  

Not looking at this now, could cost you a fortune if the economy tanks.  

Not getting the FACTS to know where you stand in this unprecedented opportunity for doctors like you to receive more cash than they ever dreamed possible… could cost you the very real opportunity to bank millions.  Retain equity that may be worth millions more.  And, earn as much as you want chairside.  That’s a BIG price to pay, when all it takes is a PHONE CALL to get the answers. 

DSOs are buying practices as fast as they can.  They pay top dollar, because with their buying power, management skills and marketing prowess, they can dominate any market.  If you are not already competing against a well-funded DSO financed by Wall Street investors, odds are, you will be soon.

Strengthening your practice, becoming more profitable, and becoming more dominant in your market area, even if that means buying practices yourself, is the ONLY way to survive that kind of competitor. 

If you build your practice strong enough using the kind of analysis I provide, one of two things may happen.  Either a DSO may make you such a compelling, over-the-top offer that you decide to join forces and become an ‘instant’ multimillionaire.  Or, if you’re not interested in their money, and you are a FORMIDABLE COMPETITOR who already dominates your market area, they may just go elsewhere.  

So, whether you PLAN TO SELL, or PLAN TO NEVER SELL, either way, contacting me for details on how to strengthen your practice the way a DSO would… is just plain smart.  

Your Ultimate Cost of Inaction: You may miss the greatest opportunity in the history of the profession to sell your practice for top dollar - take out much of the equity - and still retain equity with excellent upside potential driven by other people's capital – WITH YOU FREE TO DO DENTISTRY - SHARE PROFIT - AND NOT BE BOTHERED WITH MANAGEMENT, ADMINISTRATION, EMPLOYEE ISSUES AND THE MARKETING REQUIRED TO RUN AND GROW A THRIVING DENTAL PRACTICE. 

Your next step couldn’t be easier. My offer to you is simple and cost free. Just pick up the phone and call.  

Our conversation is 100% confidential.  

he only way anyone will know you and I spoke, is if YOU tell them. After reading this far, it is obvious something piqued your interest. 

Whatever that was, from learning about an outright sale, to determining the value of your practice and how much a DSO might pay, to discovering how to optimize revenue for a possible sale in the future… …I can answer your questions, and get on track to getting exactly what you want.

Schedule your free Practice Appraisal call ($2743 value) with Stan today


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Stan Kinder is a consultant for dental practice owners who want to have maximum impact and profitability in their field. If you own a dental practice that earns $1 million or more in revenue and are looking to grow by leaps and bounds, you owe it to yourself to schedule a confidential phone call and speak with Stan as soon as possible. You’ll walk away with insights that will apply specifically to you and your circumstances.