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Cashflow Is Critical

Jun 20, 2022 12:48:00 PM / by Everything DSO

Over the long term, profitability is essential to practice and is the first metric that prospective buyers will look at when assessing their level of interest in buying a particular business. But savvy buyers also look at cash flow because it is the metric that tells them if the practice can pay its bills on a month-to-month basis. 

Our approach to helping you sell your practice for the greatest amount possible includes working with you to generate a predictable, demonstrable stream of income that prevents you from ever "running out of cash." 

It begins with analyzing your process of attracting the right patients to your practice. Specifically, we want to ensure that you attract patients that can afford your services and have the wherewithal to pay you at the times services are provided or have insurance that pays on a timely basis. too-distant future.

Once these new patients are attracted to your practice, we make sure you are placing them into a systematized process of transitioning them from "regular" patients into high-value patients that are willing and eager to return to the practice again and again. 

All of this is absolutely necessary because, without a process that identifies and upsells those patients that can and will pay, you subject yourself to the volatility inherent to today's economic climate. Inflation is now the #1 concern of Americans and it should be your #1 concern as well. Not because of rising prices but because patients that are focusing on how they're going to adjust their budgets in the upcoming months are a threat to your practice's cash flow. As such, a demonstrable patient list that returns regularly AND can pay even when the economy slips into a recession is essential to you realizing the maximum dollars from the sale of the practice.

If the thought of this concerns you - and it should - we can help by creating a customized plan specifically for you. All you need to do is reach out Stan Kinder at 703.298.1690 or Click Here and schedule a a complimentary 15-minute call to discuss your situation.

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