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Take control over your practice’s growth

Nov 16, 2022 12:00:42 PM / by Everything DSO

For years, Dr. Q, an orthodontist, used traditional marketing to attract patients to his practice.

Usually, they came through referrals from general dental offices, but as more and more general dentists decided to offer clear plastic aligners, the referrals suffered…

They went from “very profitable” to “barely profitable.”

And while they had enough cash flow to keep going, the profitability of the business had suffered enough that they no longer could sell.

This is a common challenge, as many dental practices get into a position where they are growing primarily through sources which they do not control.

And unfortunately, even if you are doing well, this is a weak point for a DSO.

(Of course, if you aren’t doing well, you’ll need to fix this before you can find a DSO who’s going to be enthusiastic about purchasing your practice)

The key lies in building systems for attracting the right patients.

Curious how this can look?

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 Stan Kinder

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