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The high demand for dental practices is creating major competition

Nov 16, 2022 5:01:17 PM / by Everything DSO

I frequently talk with a sense of urgency when it comes to working with DSOs.

Part of the reason is because more and more investment groups are waking up to the extreme profitability of the DSO structure.

Because of this, DSOs are growing like never before.

Right now, we’re essentially in a “seller’s market” for dental practices …

There’s far more demand by DSOs to buy practices than there are practices selling to DSOs.

This means if you act NOW, you can get the pick of the litter.

But naturally, markets like this don’t last forever.

Eventually, DSO interest will subside, and it will become far more challenging to sell or partner for the best result for your practice.

So if you think you might want to take advantage of a DSO,

Don’t hesitate. Act now.

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Written by Everything DSO

 Stan Kinder

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