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They couldn’t retire, but then …

Nov 15, 2022 5:10:35 PM / by Everything DSO

Not having enough money to retire as a dentist is a common challenge.

If you’re experiencing this, don’t feel alone.

And there are good answers.

I’ll just let these words from a former client tell the story:

“I never dreamed I would partner with a DSO, but I had a problem that needed solving, so on a colleague’s advice, I spoke with Stan Kinder.

The problem was: after 32 years in practice, I didn’t have enough money to retire. My practice was profitable, but between payroll, expenses, a nice lifestyle, putting three kids through college without student loans, and taking several nice vacations a year, my retirement account was thin. So thin, retirement was out of the question.

When I met Stan Kinder, I had no clue affiliating with a Dental Service Organization could be so lucrative.

From signing a nondisclosure agreement with Stan, to receiving a nice seven-figure payment that gave me the freedom to retire whenever I want, the process took about six months.

Stan helped every step of the way.

He did a complementary practice valuation to determine the kind of offer a good DSO may make.

He found a DSO well paired for my kind of practice.

He helped craft a proposal, negotiated fine points, and complete the transaction.

And even better, his help didn’t cost me a dime, because the DSO paid his fee in full, separate and apart from my transaction.

Today, years after the fact, I remain delighted with my decision. Affiliating with the right DSO partner makes all the difference.

My retirement is secure.

Professional management runs the business side of the practice.

I work chairside with my main responsibility being to show up on time.

And, none of this would have happened without Stan’s help. He’s a good man to know.

My advice is, get to know him.”

—L. J. DDS

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Written by Everything DSO

 Stan Kinder

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