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Will You Hate Partnering with a DSO?

Feb 20, 2023 3:14:42 PM / by Everything DSO

A popular FEAR-based misconception of DSOs is that they are not good places to work for dentists because they have high rates of turnover and that ultimately you’ll end up hating your work and will quit.

But is this really true? Let's explore.

Given the high rate of educational debt for most dental school grads, many are looking for opportunities where they can be assured of earning a good living and can develop their clinical skills. 

Many DSOs have clinical mentoring programs and internally provided continuing education programs to assist young dentists in the maturation process. These approaches create systems where the investment you, as the dentist, put into your craft initially has continued growth and support.

Professionally managed DSOs recognize that having highly motivated, well-trained, and capable practitioners is the engine that drives revenue and patient satisfaction. It's actually to the BENEFIT of the Dental Service Organization for you to have good continued education and training, to continue to grow your skills, and above all to be HAPPY and looking forward to your work each and every day.

Consequently, they offer competitive compensation and benefit programs coupled with above-average continued education opportunities. The best young associates are often provided the opportunity to get into an equity position and to become the lead dentist in their own practice. 

Helped by the DSO management company, Dentists can achieve a better work/life balance and focus more of their time and attention on patient care, while having an organization support their growth of their knowledge and skills all at the same time.

Does this sound like a system that breeds high turnover and people who are unhappy working? Quite the opposite. So why does this rumor and fear exist? My hypothesis is that many who do join a DSO, don't do so with the right clarity on what they really want. When you take your dental practice to a DSO, you are committing to a partnership. It's important that the structure of that partnership fits your personal goals. If it does, then you'll be in a better position than you ever could be on your own.

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