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Aug 19, 2022 7:35:00 AM / by Everything DSO

Are you one of the many doctors who have no clear idea of what their practice is worth today?

Or, no idea of the kind of rewarding purchase agreements, and flexible post-sale employment agreements that can be designed  to meet your dream outcome.

These agreements can be so tempting, many doctors who never imagined that they could bank millions of dollars –

AT THIS STAGE OF THEIR CAREER – are doing exactly that.

Once they see a current practice valuation, and realize their practice is FAR more valuable than they

imagined - and then get a valid offer on the table - many decide it’s time to make a change.

So, they join the DSO. Turn the day-to-day management over to others. Bank substantial sums in

upfront cash. Retain equity. Practice chairside to their heart's content…

...And, begin the transition into a life that, at least for them, promises to be far more enjoyable and personally rewarding. Most people never have this kind of opportunity.

You are in a unique position for two reasons…

FIRST: You have accomplished something few ever manage.

You paid the price it takes to be successful. You took risks while others took a paycheck. You worked while others played. You stayed late to solve problems while others went home to a hot meal and a nice evening with their family. You paved the road. You led the way. You provided jobs others depend on. You weathered every storm. And, built a great practice. Without all your hard work and effort, without building a great practice, the second reason you are in a UNIQUE and ENVIABLE position today simply would not apply.

The SECOND reason is: TIMING that opens the door to a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity. 

The opportunity: DSOs with unlimited investment capital are buying profitable dental practices and paying PREMIUM PRICES that, in some situations, are 300% to 400% higher than would ever be offered in a doctor-to-doctor sale. In other words, if you could have sold your practice for $4 million using the near universal doctor-to doctor practice valuation model…

...With the NEW practice valuation model relied on by some DSOs, you may be able to get $9 million to $12 million or more for that same practice today. This kind of opportunity will NOT last forever.

Facts matter…

Realizing you may be able to bank multiple millions of dollars, retain equity in your practice that may be worth millions more a few years down the road, and practice chairside with little or no management responsibility MAY or MAY NOT be a compelling proposition for you. But knowing the current value of your practice, and knowing how you may realize the value in a REAL cash and equity offer that may put millions in the bank, and give you far greater control over how  you spend your time… is just plain smart.

I have personally structured DOZENS of purchase agreements, and post-sale employment agreements that put millions of dollars in doctors’ pockets and gave them every one of the benefits listed above. If you think this may be the right strategy for you, 


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